Adderall Medication Shortage: Do. Not. Panic.

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Adderall medication shortage

First, it was toilet paper. (Still don’t understand why the world felt a threat to the respiratory system required toilet paper in bulk.) Then it was infant formula. Now – we are dealing with an Adderall medication shortage.

If you use this stimulant medication to control your ADHD, this is probably not the first time you’re hearing about it. It’s not new news. What’s new is that the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) made an official announcement this month that pharmaceutical companies are having trouble keeping up with production and delivery. Their Adderall supply is not meeting the demand.

If you take Adderall to manage your ADHD, what does this mean for you? 

Bottom line: You may have a challenge filling your next Adderall prescription. 

Do. Not. Panic. Stress will only increase your ADHD symptoms. And if you don’t have enough Adderall to manage your symptoms, then you’ll be going down a slippery slope that will only get worse.

Instead, breathe. There ARE so many things you can do right now that will help you so this Adderall shortage doesn’t flip your life into crisis.

Six Things to Do to Manage the Adderall Medication Shortage

  1. Contact your prescriber. Right now. Ask about alternative medications or if you can switch to a different version of Adderall (immediate release vs. extended release). Talk about ways that you can switch up your dosage or when to take it to maximize what you currently have.
  2. Look into alternative ways you can manage your ADHD symptoms and keep your ADHD brain switched on: Get more sleep. Exercise. Drink plenty of water and eat an ADHD-friendly diet. (See below for a fantastic summary of how you can keep your ADHD brain switch on.)
  3. Add more skills to your ADHD toolkit to help you stay on task, be productive and get things done. Check out the ADHD Success Club which offers weekly group training and coaching to help you live more successfully with ADHD. Use the code ADDERALL to save $10/month.
  4. Learn more about ADHD. October is ADHD Awareness Month and you can get free access to events like the ADHD Expo or TADD Talks.
  5. Talk to those in your life to let them know what’s happening. Let your friends and family know if you aren’t taking your Adderall and let them know how ADHD impacts you. Consider talking to your employee (make sure you tune into Kick Some ADHD Episode #91 before talking about your ADHD at work).
  6. Give yourself grace. Remember ADHD is brain-based and is not a personal failure or reflection on YOU. And you will get through this.

Check out these additional resources to help you through this time:


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