How to Keep Your ADHD Brain Switch On: A Summary

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ADHD brain switch

Over the last few months, we’ve been talking about the best ways to keep your ADHD brain switched on. Why? Because living with ADHD doesn’t have to be so hard. It really, truly, 100% doesn’t. 

Most ADHD adults spend way too much time convincing themselves that life has to be hard. A resignation to struggle and frustration. 

The truth is: when you know how to help your brain help you, living with ADHD is different. But you have to work at it. You need to know what works best for YOUR brain.

Because, when your brain doesn’t work, you can’t work. I want you to have what I now do; to be focused and intentional (most of the time). 

If you missed any of the blogs over the past few weeks, I’m posting a quick summary below along with the link to read more. So you can stand with me, and thousands of others I’ve helped over the years, and shout, “Living with ADHD doesn’t have to be so hard!”


Let’s start with that term – your ADHD Brain Switch and how I’m using this phrase. Think of a light switch. You either turn it on or off. When the light switch is on, the light works. Turn off that switch and the room goes dark.

The ADHD brain has a lot of similarities with that light switch. Since ADHD is a brain-based condition, we need to turn the brain on to make living with ADHD easier.

Keep reading here: A New Look at Focusing (ADHD Brain Switch).


  1. To make peace with your ADHD, you need to understand that ADHD is brain-based. 
  2. ADHD is a condition of inconsistency. Some days we do what we need to do and some we don’t. Some days our brain works well and some days it doesn’t. 
  3. Your symptoms are your friends.

Keep reading about The Realities of ADHD.


Exercise is the best way to alleviate your ADHD Systems. So get moving! Before you start to complain, here’s why: Exercise: A Natural ADHD Treatment.

And ways to get moving: How to Move Your Body to Manage Your ADHD.


You’ve heard over and over again how important water is for your body and survival. But did you know that hydration helps ADHD? Drinking enough water is essential for proper brain functioning.

​​Find out why it’s important for your ADHD brain and how you can get the recommended H2O: Squishy Brain: How Dehydration Torpedos ADHD.


Everyone needs sleep, but if you have ADHD, those hours of shut-eye can be even more challenging and important! 

Keep reading why sleep is essential: Your Sleep Sucks? So Does Your ADHD!

And how you can get a better night’s sleep: ADHD Sleep Tips: Better Tips Than Counting Sheep


Meditation is fantastic for ADHD because it helps ADHD brains work better! It strengthens attention, cognition, and memory, builds awareness, and improves how we deal with stress. And even improves brain structure and raises dopamine levels!! 

If you’re intrigued, check this out: Meditate Your ADHD Away!


Omega-3s aren’t magic but you might feel like they are.

Discover why: Omega-3 Fatty Acids For ADHD Symptoms.


Protein is a basic building block of the human body. It helps create amino acids that are essential for your brain and body to work well. And guess what is made up of amino acids? DOPAMINE! 

Let’s talk about how protein doesn’t just build muscles but helps keep that ADHD brain working: Protein is ADHD Brain Fuel.

I’d love to hear from you. What tip(s) will you start using to flip, and keep, your ADHD brain switch on? Let me know what works best for you – even if it’s not on the list above! I’d love to hear!

And want to go more in-depth into these tools and how you can live more easily with ADHD? Consider signing up for the ADHD Success Club! Season 7 starts in September. 


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