Is ADHD Blocking Your Business Success?

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happy man looking at a computer screenDid you know that these CEOs have attention deficit? But is ADHD blocking their business success? No way!

  • Mogul Sir Richard Branson
  • IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad
  • JetBlue’s David Neeleman

In fact they proudly proclaim ADHD as part of their formula for success!

The sad truth is, that for most business owners ADHD it is a huge hindrance.

If you don’t have an entire staff to “handle all the details” for you then your business and personal life may be a mess.

Or, if you have a staff but you don’t know how or what to delegate and how to communicate with them you’re squandering way too much time yourself buried in the trenches of your business. Doing work someone else could do.

If that’s happening ADHD is blocking your business success.

Why just today during a coaching call one of my clients, a business owner with ADHD, confessed to having a secretary she doesn’t delegate much to. As she wisely pointed out if you can’t organize your tasks then delegating is tricky.

Guess what we’re working on now! You got it…how to double her time by learning to plan and prioritize her tasks so she can delegate. Plus, my ADHD Delegating BluePrint.

Key signs Your ADHD is Blocking Your Business Success

  • Distractions sap productivity
  • Follow through sketchy
  • Showing up late and unprepared
  • Promises broken and credibility tarnished
  • Important details falling through the cracks

Do any of these sound familiar? Then your ADHD is sabotaging your business.

If ADHD is zapping your potential then I urge you to stop settling for your status quo. Get the help you need to build your business.



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