An ADHD Coach – Key #1 for Creating Structure for ADHD Adults

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blue-boy-and-birdYou can read more about the five other supports you need in the post: 6 Key Areas that Create Structure for ADHD Adults .

Now, if you’re a skeptic, you’ll think I’m saying this just because I happen to be an ADHD coach. Though I believe my work is essential, that’s not why I say everyone needs a coach.

I say it because I see the value in my own life and in the lives of other successful people. Yes, I have a coach. And almost every successful person I know has a coach.

Having someone experienced in what I want to learn to serve as my sounding board and the placeholder for my goals has been key to my success

Since I first started training to be an ADHD coach back in the 1990’s, I’ve tried it both ways; going it on my own or having a coach. My biggest leaps and accomplishments have consistently happened when I’ve had someone to mentor and guide me to reach my goals.

Over the years I’ve worked with a number of different coaches to help me learn what I needed to know at the time. Business skills. Coaching skills. ADHD management skills. Accountability.

A few years ago I decided I knew enough to go it on my own. After all, I have a world of experience now. Why do I need to pay someone else?

Guess what happened?

My progress slowed. Sure I got things done but not nearly as quickly and effectively as when I had someone to mentor me, kick around ideas, work through challenges, hold me accountable, and act as a placeholder for my goals.

For the past two years I’ve always had a mentor. Not to learn ADHD skills, but to help me grow my business. And I’m making progress more quickly  and effectively than I did before.

The right coach, someone who has already walked the path I’m venturing, serves as a trail guide for where I want to go.

What kind of a coach do you need?

Well, it depends on what you want to accomplish.

If your goal is to learn to live more easily with your ADHD then you’d be wise to pick a well-trained, experienced ADHD coach who is top-notch at managing their own ADHD.

You can join a group coaching program or work individually with a coach by phone or in person. The how isn’t important as long as you get the support to learn essential ADHD management skills.

The bottom line?

If you have adult ADHD and want to live a productive life to your full potential, you need to build and maintain a strong scaffolding of support. And having an ADHD coach is an important part of that scaffolding.



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