ADHD Structures Matter: Confessions of an ADHD Coach

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dana-300x200ADHD Success Blog readers email me they like my Confessions of an ADHD Coach posts. They enjoy brief peeks behind the curtain into the workings of my life.

Because of my ADHD structures it’s usually a peek into a pretty well-managed, mostly organized world.

You see, I think it’s vital for an ADHD Coach to walk the talk. Even though I have ADHD (Inattentive type) just like my clients and readers, I hold myself to the gold standard of ADHD management.

If I can’t set up ADHD structures to manage my time, keep my office and house organized, eat well, and get enough sleep and exercise how can I expect my clients to do so?

It’s a matter of integrity and, to me, integrity matters.

Yet despite my best intentions of living an organized ADHD life, sometimes, like this week, I feel like the professor in The Wizard of OZ pretending to be the Great OZ; holding it all together with smoke and mirrors.

Instead of an all powerful ADHD coach banishing clutter and smiting chaos with an even hand you’d see a sad, tired woman doing all she can to make it through the week.

A death in the family, a long drive from Oregon to San Diego and back for an emotional memorial service took its toll. Upon returning home to a full schedule of ADHD coaching clients my daughter got sick and my book group met at my house for dinner.

My week has been a full testament to the value of ADHD structures.

Thanks to my rock solid structures I’ve made it through the week by tending the small routines and reminders which paste my life together.

It’s not been a week of great progress and stellar productivity. It’s been a week of doing the best I can to live a life of ADD Success.

The lesson? ADHD Structures are important. Useful lists, reminders, practical organization, an up-to-date calendar and all the rest keep life chugging along pretty smoothly on the good days. On the tough days those ADHD structures can keep you from falling into a deep, dark hole.


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