Your ADHD Support Team – Key Adult ADHD Structure #2

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adhd support team, dana rayburn, adhd coachingThis is my dream: I’m walking along surrounded by efficient looking people with clipboards. I have an idea and mention it to one of these eager people who dashes off and makes my idea a reality: Create this ADHD product. Do this boring house chore. File this paperwork.

Ah…wouldn’t it be heaven to have an ADHD support team like that?!

Alright, maybe my dream is a bit far fetched, BUT one of the key support structures an ADHD adult must have to live easily with attention deficit is a team.

You need people to fill in the gaps where you procrastinate or don’t follow-through.

You need people to help you make your big ideas happen.

Having an ADHD support team is important for everyone with ADHD but a team is essential if you’re an ADHD business owner.

What does your team do? They take over tasks that are repetitive and can’t hold your attention.

  • Those things you don’t like to do so you procrastinate.
  • Those things you know you ‘should do’ but don’t.
  • Those things that need to be done to make your big ideas happen.

Yes, your team’s role is often administrative but it’s also bigger than that. Your team can also serve as an accountability placeholder. Someone to provide deadlines for you to meet. Deadlines that keep you focused and productive.

Have you noticed, if you’ve got ADHD often it’s easier to get something done for someone else than it is for ourselves?

So who do you need on your ADHD support team?

You need the people who will fill in the holes and give you support or a nudge.

I jokingly say, “I have people”. Over the years I’ve carefully built my team of ADHD support. At home ‘Team Dana’ includes our house cleaners, the window washers and carpet cleaners. Sure, I CAN do these jobs but I don’t like to do them so they don’t get done. Someday I’ll add a gardener, but for now we handle that.

My business team is even more essential. My virtual assistant, Tracey, handles a variety of administrative tasks like sending out ADHD Success and updating social media. Sandy my editor. (Yes, I write these blog posts but Sandy edits and formats them. Also, knowing she’ll be ready to work on a post on Monday morning inspires me to get it done.) My web site person, Judi.

Those are the people I need to support me. When I work with my ADHD coaching clients we explore their life and work and determine who they need to support them.

But sometimes clients resist hiring a team and it usually comes down to two reasons:

  1. Cost – Yes, these cost money but they also allow me to focus my energies on things that make money. Start small and build your team as you grow.
  2. Perfectionism – Of course, no one will do things like you do. Sometimes that’s good. If your standards are too high then learning to let go will be a necessary challenge. And sometimes a different approach will yield better results.

If you want to live successfully with ADHD, you need help getting things done. Don’t ignore the essential structure an ADHD support a team can give you. Having a team do the stuff you’re not so good at allows you to focus on your strengths and let your bright light shine.




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