ADHD Travel Tips for Your Trips

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ADHD Travel tips

It’s officially summer and hopefully that means you have some exciting travel planned for the next few months!

To get you ready to go (and return from your next trip), we have some ADHD travel tips that you can tune into so you can make traveling with ADHD easier:

To prepare for your trip:

  • Lists Make Traveling with ADHD Easier – this is the travel tip that changed everything for me! LISTS – and I don’t just mean what you should pack (see next blog). These are the 4 lists you want to have ready to go, maybe even laminated, so you can be sure to reduce any chaos that might ensue, especially if a last-minute chance shows up to travel somewhere fun.

  • Packing Tips for Traveling with ADHD – learn why packing is so hard for people with ADHD and then get 6 tips to make packing less of a struggle and more of a smart adventure. Yes, lists are again the best tool!

  • Episode 94 of Kick Some ADHD: Reducing ADHD Travel Woes – prefer to listen in to get amazing tips while you’re out getting some exercise (so needed for managing ADHD)? This episode of the Kick Some ADHD podcast focuses on the best tips to make your life easier before your travel.

For after your trip:

And we’d love to hear from you and your best ADHD travel tips or stories! Post below in the comments.


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