Another ADHD Myth Exposed

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Woman having migraine headache. Stress and depression.Let’s expose a popular ADHD myth.

Living with ADHD is easier when you’re ADHD savvy; with a deep understanding of what’s typical ADHD behavior and what’s not.

Yet I’m often surprised how little my new coaching clients understand about attention deficit.

Early in my ADHD coach training days I was the same way. Though I’d known about my ADHD for a few years I didn’t fully understand the truth about ADHD and how it showed up in my life.

One Popular ADHD Myth

You’ve heard, I’m sure, how adult ADHD thrive on change. How we’re happiest when life sits on shifting sands.

Folks observing us and our impulsive actions make this conclusion.

That’s only half true. My experience as a life long card holder in Club ADHD is different.

This ADHD myth, that we thrive on change, is only half right.

Variety lights us up. We adore change. As long as we’re the ones doing the changing.

That’s the key point.

In fact, it’s so important I’ll repeat it.


We can instantly decide to change jobs, ideas, hobbies, and plans in without batting an eye. That’s our nature.

Someone else springing a change on us? We hate that! In fact, it makes us pretty darn uncomfortable. We like to be the one moving life’s chess pieces; not being the pawn or rook.

The Truth About ADHD

Though ADHD adults resist structure, deep down we crave it. Often we depend on other people and situations to provide our structure. So when that structure shifts on us we get thrown off balance.

Have you noticed how…

  • You resist someone springing something on you at the last minute?
  • Your world crumbles when someone important to you moves away or changes jobs? Or even goes on vacation?
  • How unhappy you get when someone other than you changes your evening plans?

That’s what I’m talking about. Yet you can quickly instigate any of those things – change jobs, move, change the evening’s plans – and wonder why other people get tense.

So, that age old ADHD myth that we like change is only half right. Something for you to remember when you feel down right uncomfortable next time someone springs a change on you.


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