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by | Aug 19, 2014 | Organizing ADHD | 2 comments by Bill Longshaw by Bill Longshaw

Learning how to clear clutter is one of those necessary skills you have to master if you want to learn to be organized with ADHD.

I remember how frustrating clutter made me back in the day, before I learned the simple organizing techniques I now teach others. (Before I knew about my ADHD, too)

My mind would spin just looking at the confusing piles of stuff I needed to sort through.

– Where do I start?
– How do I make sense of the jumble?
– How in the heck do I decide what to keep and what to get rid of?

Of course I’d quickly give up and dash away to do something else. If you don’t know how to clear clutter, who wouldn’t?

Because if you don’t know how to clear the clutter then you just end up rearranging the piles; essentially getting no where.

If you’re reading this I bet you know what I’m talking about.

I use my clutter clearing skills daily. Usually in small ways sometimes in big ways.

Why just yesterday I quickly reorganized the project shelves in my office. That’s the area I’ve set up behind my desk to easily handle the papers for all the projects I’ve got going. The basic bones of my system keeps it looking pretty tidy, but over time it tends to fill up with papers I don’t use anymore.

It’d been at least a year since I’d last cleaned out my project shelves. Did I find some interesting stuff in there! All those great ideas I’d been fired up about at the time but now I wonder what I was thinking about.

If you have ADHD you know what I’m talking about!

But because I know how to clear clutter, I was able to quickly reorganize my project shelves and get rid of the papers I don’t need anymore all in about 15 minutes.

I know from the emails I get from my ADD Success blog readers and the struggles of my ADHD coaching clients, lots of people aren’t so lucky. They don’t know the basic clutter clearing skills.

That’s why I’ve created a the program that is designed to teach you how to clear clutter. I call it Get Organized for Life.

It’s quick, fun and easy to do. It’s affordable. And, the best part? After going through the program, you will never again look at a pile of clutter and not know what to do about it. Check out the Get Organized for Life. 


  1. Marlene

    Please provide more information on this crash course. Thank you!

    • Dana Rayburn

      Thanks for asking Marlene. The Clutter Busting Crash Course is my simple ecourse or emails and recordings designed to teach you how to clear clutter. It’s only two weeks long and packed with good information. All for only $9.99. Here’s the link:



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