Battling Boggle: ADHD Overwhelm

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If you’re an adult with ADHD you’ve likely experienced boggle and know all too well how it feels.

The word boggle perfectly describes ADHD overwhelm, that state where your brain overloads and you nearly shutdown and can’t function.

When you boggle the tiniest actions and decisions become impossible, you get anxious or you become extra scattered. Often boggle occurs in situations where you have a number of daunting tasks to do such as paying the bills or preparing for a vacation.

Boggle can also show up when your surroundings are over-stimulating and when numerous demands are made on you at one time. Often shopping makes me boggle. Too much time at the mall finds me heading for the door.

Managing this boggle is key in order to have ADHD success.

Here are some ideas…

  • Ask yourself what situations cause you to boggle so you can be aware and prepared. This will let you create ways to do the tasks that make you boggle so they don’t send you into total overwhelm. Send me grocery shopping in a large market and I boggle. (I’m NOT a shopper!) That’s why I shop in a small grocery co-op where there are fewer selections. Combine grocery shopping with unpacking my purchases when I get home from the market, and I’m a goner. Thankfully, I’ve figured out that putting the groceries away one at a time as I pull them out of the bag keeps boggle at bay.
  • Develop strategies for when you do boggle. You can’t always avoid it so you better know what to do when it happens. When boggle strikes temporarily get away from the situation and take deep breaths. Once your brain settles down and assess what’s going on, determine how you can regain control.

As with so many ADHD challenges, becoming aware of how boggle effects your life and then devising a plan for handling it is key.

Boggle won’t go away, but you can certainly learn to live with it more easily.


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