Is Cell Phone Addiction Real?

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cell phone addictionI have a confession to make. I am struggling to break my cell phone addiction. Just like Maya talked about in that ADHD Success Club blog post I shared with you last week. Just like many of my other private and group coaching clients. Maybe even just like you.

Our patterns are all similar. We waste too much time on our phones.

Maya wants to get to work calmly and on time. That’s a pipe dream when she’s checking Facebook instead of getting ready for work.

Chris wants to spend time with his kids and wife in the evening. Except, binging on YouTube videos sucks all his attention.

Abby wants to get to the office earlier so she can finish some tasks before her noisy co-workers arrive. Too bad she loses this opportunity. Why? Because she scrolls through the news instead of getting out of bed.

I mindlessly watch Netflix in the evening instead of doing more inspiring things. Chatting with my family. Reading. Practicing my ukulele. Walking the dogs or calling friends.

The Bigger Reason My Cell Phone Addiction Disturbs Me

Besides wasting time there’s a bigger reason I want to break my cell phone addiction. Just that. It feels like an addiction. When I pay attention I’m aware of a magnetic urge to pick up my phone. To always keep it at my side.

Is my cell phone a true addiction? I don’t know, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

I do know that cell phones light up the neurotransmitters in our brains. That the ADHD brain is always on the lookout for a dopamine boost.

As I observe the world wandering through life staring at their phones I know this is not just an ADHD thing. It’s a human thing. We’re missing the life that’s unfolding around us because we’re staring at a screen.

But my mission isn’t to help the whole world. My mission is to help ADHD adults live more successful and satisfying lives.

And that starts with staying present. Staying aware.

In next week’s ADHD Success, I’ll share my favorite tips to help you break your cell phone addiction.

For now, I want you to notice how your phone impacts your life. How does it help? How does it rob you from living the life you want to live? Do you experience a magnetic pull? How does it feel?

Technology can be an amazing ADHD support tool. But, if your cell phone has become an addiction it might be time to break the habit.




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