Breaking News About Adult ADHD!

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Ready for a big surprise about adult ADHD? I just read this in the Chicago Tribune Health Section.

ADHD isn’t just a childhood condition.

Roughly 55% people diagnosed with ADHD as a child continue to experience symptoms into adulthood. They’ll benefit from treatment as an adult, too.

Oh my! What an epiphany! Start the presses!

Forgive me for being snarky. I just get so tired of the popular media being 10 to 15 years behind the ADHD science.

It’s worse than misinformation about Attention Deficit, though.

Some major publications print the most amazingly, biased lies about ADHD.

The New York Times, for example, seems to have a personal vendetta against the truth about ADHD. Over and over they publish articles…

  • Questioning if ADHD is real.
  • Blaming it on parenting.
  • Saying it’s over-diagnosed.
  • Declaring the medication is addictive. (ADHD meds are not addicting if you have ADHD. How can you be addicted to something you forget to take?)
  • Claiming an ADHD diagnosis is merely a ploy by patients, doctors, and drug companies to get their hands on Ritalin.

I tend to ignore these articles. This isn’t a battle I can win or chose to fight. As an ADHD coach my strength is helping ADHD adults learn to transform their lives by learning to live more easily with ADHD.

Then one of my former coaching clients told me something yesterday. (Yep, I stay in contact with many of my former ADHD coaching clients. We develop strong relationships.)

My client shared this wisdom, “That’s really sad that they print inaccurate ADHD information. The media is such an important part of how ADHD adults feel about themselves.”


And that was just the nudge I needed to get angry enough to speak up.

The mama bear in me is royally pissed off. I don’t take it lightly when people mess with the minds of ADHD adults.

Helping ADHD adults isn’t just my job. It’s my mission. My calling.

So, I’m standing up in this small way and saying. ADHD is real. I challenge anyone who questions it to walk in the shoes of one of my ADHD coaching clients for a day.

Life with ADHD is hard enough for many people at it is. They don’t need the media to make it even harder.

(By the way…life doesn’t have to be so hard. An experienced, well-trained Adult ADHD coach can help. Click here to find out more.)


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