Clear the Clutter from Your Summer

by | Jun 8, 2023 | ADHD Success Skills and Tools | 3 comments

clear the clutter

Summer is coming.

That means the return of college students with dorm stuff. Backpacks and folders and art projects brought home. Summer clothes for work and leisure. Travels and family reunions.

It also means switching to a summer life and flip flops, towels, vacation mementos, beach chairs, seashells, barbecues, garden, and outdoor patio stuff.

What summer really means is CLUTTER!

If you’re facing a household of MORE clutter as the season changes, we have the answer – Clutter Free with ADHD.

Clutter Free with ADHD is an eCourse for adults who are ready to learn how to tackle clutter.

You get immediate access to 7 audios where I guide you through the practical systems I’ve created (and perfected) that helped me clear the clutter from my life. 

Sign up now and start removing the clutter, and learn how you can prevent it from sticking around through the fall (when even more will show up)!

Have a clutter free summer!


  1. Narelle

    We are by no means parenting neat freaks but we have a constant battle with our 10yo ADHD daughter’s bedroom, it is a disaster zone. The aspect I have trouble understanding is, she says she PREFERS it messy, as opposed to neat, and she only tidies it out of guilt over other people’s opinions (it’s messy again by the next day). So she’s not really open to ideas to help keep it clean. Is this true of ADHD, or is it a way of coping with the inability to keep it tidy? How can it be preferred to wade through ankle-deep stuff, in order to reach your bed at night?

    • Dana Rayburn

      Hi Nacelle, people with ADHD are all different. Some need things tidy. Most live in clutter because they don’t know how to be organized in a way that works for them. And/or they haven’t built the habits to put things away. She may say she prefers the clutter because she doesn’t know how to make it easier to keep it tidier. Remember to notice the good things she does. She is more than a messy room. Dana

  2. Narelle

    Hi Dana,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes she’s delightful in many ways and we love her to bits. Maybe a few years’ more maturing will help the clutter. I guess I need to practise the tidying more, with her, to see if we can form a habit 🙂


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