Confessions of an ADD Coach – The Cost of Disorganization

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Cost of Disorganization

I was reacquainted with the hidden cost of disorganization this week when I met with our CPA to do our taxes.

If you missed my memo, I fractured my heel in early December and have spent much of the past two months unable to put any weight on my right foot. No walking; no driving. Ouch is right!

Luckily, I didn’t have to miss a single day of work. As an ADD coach, my days are spent talking on the telephone. Walking isn’t a requirement.

I’m pretty much back on my feet again, though I’m still working out of a temporary office in our guest room for a couple more weeks to avoid the steep flight of stairs that takes me to the Effortless Living, LLC World Headquarters (aka my home office).

Not having access to my office and files has made being organized very challenging; especially at tax time.

At our tax meeting, I didn’t have all the papers I needed and those I did have were jumbled. I felt like a confused, distracted dolt.

CPA Kay gets gold stars for not laughing. If she saw the irony figuring up the taxes for a very disorganized organizer she was polite enough not to mention it.



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