Confessions of an Adult ADD Coach: Asking for Help

by | Dec 24, 2011 | Dana's World | 1 comment

asking for help

Something happened to me last week that has entirely refocused my life and my thoughts about what is important.

Hence, I’m departing from my normal blog posts to write about something other than living more easily with Adult ADD / ADHD. Thanks for indulging me.

Was it only a week ago I thought balancing ADD Coaching clients with gift buying and baking was important?

Now, thanks to an impulsive in-the-dark, dash down our steep stairs I’m focused on surviving the next eight weeks with a fractured heel.

I’m thankful it’s a clean break and that the pain is moderate.

Yet to avoid future surgery my doctor says I can’t put any weight at all on my injured right foot. I also must wear a clunky boot, cast thing 24/7.

This means no walking, no standing and, gulp, no driving.

Suddenly, even the most simple task like taking a shower is an exhausting ordeal.

With this I must face head-on one of my greatest challenges; asking for help.

I don’t know if asking for help is an ADHD thing or not, though I do know many of my ADD Coaching Clients have a hard time with it, too.

At the risk of doing some unlicensed psychotherapy, I suspect I’m struggling with remnants of a childhood of undiagnosed ADD.

Those old messages that I can’t do much right. That I’m a failure and not good enough. Deep down I don’t think I deserve help.

Such silly old messages. Especially as I’m blessed with a considerate husband and supportive friends and family. My people want to help me.

Asking a neighbor to give my daughter a ride to basketball practice because I’m under doctor’s orders not to drive doesn’t mean I’m an incompetent failure.

Asking my husband to lug in a load of firewood doesn’t mean I’m lazy.

Though I won’t go as far as saying I’m glad my heel is fractured, I will say I’m thankful for this opportunity to tackle my reluctance to asking for help.

May you and yours have an enchanted and peaceful holiday and a New Year brimming with ADD Success.

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  1. Robin J. Tarr

    Hello Dana Rayburn:

    Just a note to let you know that we are thinking about you and wishing you well as you recover from a fractured heel and limited mobility. I can’t imagine how you must have felt during the holidays, the busiest time of the year for family and friends.

    Please take care in ice and snow…

    Happy New Year,

    Robin Tarr and Michael Woodey


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