Control ADHD Self-Talk

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Control ADHD Self-Talk…

There’s an epidemic of name calling going on in the world of ADHD.

“Knucklehead”, “Lump”, “Lazy Slug”… Yes, definitely an epidemic of name calling.

Are fist-fights starting? Feuds? Am I watching reality TV shows? Nope. These are names ADHD coaching clients called themselves during recent coaching calls.

Are these people knuckleheads, lumps and lazy slugs? Hardly. They are bright, financially successful, generous, caring people who get frustrated with their ADHD.

Would these good people speak to anyone else that way? Not hardly. But for some reason they think it’s okay to speak this way about themselves.

What you say to yourself is called self-talk. And controlling your self-talk is a very important part of living successfully with ADHD.

Why? Because your subconscious believes what you tell it. In other words, what you say to yourself is your reality.

When you call yourself lazy or stupid, your subconscious thinks it must be true. Productivity and functioning suffer. Life is more challenging.

Fortunately, you have the power to reverse these damaging effects. Replacing your negative self-talk with encouraging thoughts allows your subconscious to be positive and supportive of you and your intentions.

The lesson? Pay attention to that voice in your head.

When it becomes critical replace the negative thought with a positive, reinforcing one such as, “You’re doing the best you can.”

You have the right to live successfully with ADHD. Controlling how you speak to yourself is an important step.


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