Do You Have a Favorite ADHD Annoying Behavior?

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By: ADHD Coach Dana Rayburn

Which of your ADHD annoying behaviors bothers you the most?

It’s hard for me to pick mine. I’ve got some contenders, however. Right at the top of my list for my most annoying ADHD behavior has to be fidgeting.

Normally, as I go through life, I don’t notice how much I fidget; bouncing my knee or shifting positions.

But, sometimes my inability to sit still smacks me right between the eyes and I become so incredibly aware of it I can hardly stand it.

This happened to me just last week when I was visiting my family in Colorado.

My dad and I were watching the Broncos football game on TV. Just the two of us sitting on a sofa.

This was such a treat. To be able to spend time alone with my dad. Since I live in Oregon I don’t get to see him very often and time with just the two of us is precious.

Except for me the experience was less than ideal because I couldn’t stop fidgeting. Every few seconds I had the incredible urge to shift.

It’s a small thing I know, but I found it extremely annoying, and I was very self-conscious.

Dad sitting rock still engrossed in the game.

Me next to him shifting positions every 15 seconds or so.

I finally ended up sitting on the floor and did stretches during the game which kept me moving.

Living with ADHD can be challenging on many levels. Usually it’s the big setbacks that we notice. Not being able to reach our goals. Not knowing how to manage our task list or calendar. Being late for meetings or so disorganized you can’t function.

But it every once in a while one of the little annoying behaviors of adult ADHD -like fidgeting during a football game – becomes so obvious it’s almost painful.

I’m curious.

Which of your ADHD behaviors annoys you the most?


Dana Rayburn is an ADHD Coach in Oregon, but don’t worry… She works by telephone helping ADHD adults all over the world live more effortlessly and successfully with ADHD.


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  1. Lisa

    If I had to pick just one of my own ADHD behaviors that makes me the craziest (and leads to the most unproductive beating myself up) is that tendency to overestimate how much can be accomplished in a given time. Time management is a constant battle that leaves me feeling like a hamster on a never ending wheel some days.


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