Ep. 111: Defining Your “Who”

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Kick Some ADHD Podcast | 0 comments

who do you want to be

You’ve heard us bring this up countless times as we talk about your personal strategies for improving your life with ADHD. Your answer to this one simple question becomes the guiding light that simplifies and informs so many other decisions you’ll confront.

Whether you’re working on being more productive at work or making your “not-at-work” life easier and more fulfilling, this question is the starting point for how you decide:

  • what’s on your “ADHD front burner”
  • what sort of approach you’ll take to solving any given challenge
  • whether or not working on a specific problem is even worth your effort right now
  • and so many other choices

The question?

Who do you want to be?”

This question is not about what you want to be when you grow up. It’s about what sort of person you really want to be. It’s about how you show up as your best self in all the situations in your life.

There’s arguably no more important question to consider on your ADHD journey. And that’s why we’re here with a strategic framework and a very raw, vulnerable conversation to help you think through your own answer – click here to listen in.


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