Ep. 120: ADHD’s Warped Vision of Time

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ADHD’s Warped Vision of Time

Many of the struggles we face with ADHD are related in some way to how we experience time. But what’s behind our ADHD’s warped view of time? And why does it affect everything from friendships and marriages to job performance and finances?

One of the single most common frustrations that professionals with ADHD work to solve is the dysfunctional relationship we have with time.

In fact: you’ll find it difficult, if not impossible, to solve any ADHD-related issues without paying attention to time.

We explore time management and why it’s so difficult for us as well as take a deep dive into the roots of ADHD’s warped vision of time, including:

  • time lies
  • weak boundaries
  • time blindness
  • our time horizon
  • our failure to learn from history
  • the “distance discount”
  • and more!

Shout-out to Ari Tuckman, PsyD, CST, a psychologist in West Chester, PA. He specializes in ADHD, couples therapy and sex therapy, has written 4 books, and is an all-around great guy in the ADHD world.

Tune into Episode #120 of the Kick Some ADHD podcast HERE to learn more about ADHD’s Warped Vision of Time.

One extra tip for adults and children with ADHD, one way to learn how much time it takes things is to keep a timer! A simple idea that can help you get a handle of how long it takes to get out the door, do certain tasks or be more aware. This is a great timer to use!


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