Ep. 69: A Few of Our Favorite ADHD Things

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Kick Some ADHD Podcast | 0 comments

gifts of ADHD

We often spend energy and time focused on the “bad” parts of living with ADHD.

And let’s face it: there can be bad parts—especially when ADHD isn’t well managed. We’ve all been there, when the good parts get buried under the struggles and frustrations.

This week’s episode isn’t about a cheery list of all the gifts of ADHD. That can be counter-productive. Plus, since ADHD hits each of us differently, it just becomes a laundry list.

Not every person with ADHD has the same personality traits, but there are some personal strengths that can make having the condition an advantage, not a drawback. 

So today, we talk about a few of our own unique strengths.

Why not take some time to think about a few of your own?

Click here to tune in and celebrate the gifts of ADHD!


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