Fun with ADHD

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fun with ADHD

This week, I want to focus on the fun with ADHD. Because let’s face it, having ADHD means you end up with some pretty crazy stories to tell.

Things that just wouldn’t be likely to happen in the lives of more neurotypical people.

So I’m sharing a Kick Some ADHD podcast episode from 2022 where David G. Johnson and I reach back into our childhoods and share ADHD-related tales from then to the present.

There’s my infamous ant report. David’s 4th-grade math tests. Moments when we said stuff that wasn’t appropriate. Even a story about impulsively quitting a job—with no plan! Who would do such a thing????

You’ll probably find yourself in a few of our zany ADHD stories, but you’re definitely going to find yourself laughing!

Click here to tune into Episode 112: ADHD Antics and Anecdotes on Kick Some ADHD.

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