Giving Gifts to Your Future Self

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I first heard the idea of a future self from a discussion of psychology – who you will be in the future. It’s a growth mindset where you are less concerned about who you are right now and look forward to who you’re becoming. 

Typically, the future self is often looking 5-10 years down the road which can be a powerful tool for growth and life design. I love this idea. I find it helps take me out of my today situation and struggles and think about the me in my future when I’ve learned what I need to know.

My whole perspective has shifted thinking about my future self. I love myself more and tell myself nice things which launches me into a cycle of loving myself even more. A hamster wheel I’m happy to jump on!

Applying this future self idea for ADHD can help you with procrastination on many levels.

The reality of living with ADHD is that we put off doing things because at the time it seems easier to avoid doing whatever needs to be done. Procrastination is a huge challenge for people with ADHD. 

We magically think we’ll have more time in the future. And the reality is: we never do. Have you ever had more time in the future? Does that magical day ever arrive when you have more time and life calms down? Really?

Something that helps me with getting started and completing tasks is thinking about my future self and what kind of life I want her to have. What will happen to my future self when I take the seemingly easy route and procrastinate? 

What will happen to my future self if I don’t get this done right now? What stress will hit? What will she miss out on? Will an emotional meltdown be probable?

I know that when I procrastinate, my future self’s life isn’t so hot. Future Dana ends up stressed and overwhelmed. Drops balls and has to apologize a lot. She feels awful about herself and has a harder time being who she wants to be. 

I love Future Dana and don’t want her to suffer. Realizing all of these things helps me push against procrastination. I want to give her the gift of time and peace of mind. So when I stop and think about Future Dana in this way, I have the motivation to get moving and stop procrastinating so I can give her those gifts.

What it takes to give gifts to your future self

Want to help your Future Self? Help him or her be a little less stressed? Be more prepared, find time for fun, feel good and energized?  

  1. Think about your future self. How do you envision them? Who do you want them to be? How do you want them to feel?
  2. Become aware of those procrastination conversations and shift when you notice them start to happen. When you’re telling yourself you can do it later, ask “What will happen to Future Me if I put this off? What will I miss out on? And what could happen?”
  3. Start small. You don’t have to take giant leaps or offer the biggest gifts. Sometimes the smallest gift of time makes the biggest difference.  

One of the best gifts you can give Future You is the gift of knowledge and tools! Consider the ADHD Success Club – an online group training program for adults with ADHD who are ready to live more successful and effortless lives. You’ll learn proven systems, skills, and habits to be successful and get support to live at your ADHD best. What a gift that would be – living more easily with ADHD!

Sign up for the ADHD Success Club – Future You will thank you for it!

Want to listen to the accompanying Kick Your ADHD podcast episode? Click here for Episode #96: Giving Gifts to Your Future Self.


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