Have Yourself an ADHD Christmas

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Looking for gifts for a loved one with ADHD this holiday season? Or maybe the loved one is you? 

Here are some of my top ideas for holiday gifts that are fun and helpful in alleviating or managing symptoms of ADHD:

  1. HYDRATION is essential for everyone, but especially for people with ADHD. It’s simple: When you’re dehydrated, your ADHD symptoms get worse. (And in fact, for people without ADHD, dehydration can bring about ADHD-like symptoms!) So make sure that you are getting enough water in your system with:
  • If you love gadgets, the Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder has fun light-up technology that tracks when you hydrate. This is the alert that David, my podcast co-host insists has changed his life. Now he’s never dehydrated. Go David!
  1. LOSING YOUR KEYS, phone, wallet, bag is an almost daily occurrence if you have ADHD. Yes, you can set up a ‘home’ for them – a bowl or shelf by the door so you can drop them there when you walk in the house. But what about when you’re out and about?
  • I can’t recommend the Tile Mate enough. These tiny tiles with a Bluetooth tracker can locate and easily find just about anything, anywhere, anytime. A must have if you deal with the frustration of losing things.
  1. TIME MANAGEMENT – I wish someone could wrap up the ability to manage time effortlessly because those of us with ADHD have so many issues with it – needing more time, being blind to how long it takes us to do things, getting lost in our hyperfocus – we have a warped vision of time. 
  • Your other best ADHD friend is a simple PLANNER that’s easy to use. The Planner Pad is the one I recommend to my clients. I like it because it helps you categorize, prioritize and schedule tasks. It also helps you keep track of your appointments.
  1. SAVE TIME – If you have long hair, you need this hair dryer (and cool case). I’m VERY low-maintenance. Yes, I like to look good, but if something takes too long to do, I won’t do it. A client told me about this AMAZING hair dryer. Now I can dry and smooth out my extremely thick hair in minutes. No more wandering around with wet, frizzy hair. It would be a great gift for all those long-haired loved ones on your list. 
  1. SLEEP is an elusive thing when you have ADHD. We have trouble settling our brain down to fall asleep, staying asleep through the night or waking up. But there’s hope – one step is to set up a calm oasis in your room starting with:
  • White Noise Machine to create an ambiance of calm and block out extraneous sounds that can keep your ADHD brain active.
  • Weighted blanket to put your autonomic nervous system into ‘rest mode’. A couple of clients are fans. These have been known to be highly effective for people with ADHD, autism, and anxiety.

I’d love to hear from you! What are the best gifts for ADHD you’ve ever received?


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