Hiring an ADHD Coach – A Client Testimonial

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sticky note says focus on successLet’s open the mailbag and take a peek at a testimonial an ADHD coaching client sent me last week. My clients are much better at explaining the benefits of hiring an ADHD coach than I.

When we first spoke this client was hiring an ADHD coach because he was floundering in his business. He was overwhelmed, didn’t have enough clients or income and was procrastinating and wasting a lot of time each day.

After our initial coaching interview I decided to focus our coaching on a few areas: ADHD time management, consistently and more effectively marketing his business, and understanding and working to his strengths and avoiding his weaknesses.

Now, three months after hiring me to be his ADHD coach, he feels he has enough of a foundation in place to continue on his own. His business marketing is focused, his schedule is structured and he knows what he needs to do each day. He is also more confident and comfortable with who he is. He has realized that just because he has Attention Deficit doesn’t mean he’s broken. He just needs to work to his strengths and set up his life so he can succeed.

Here’s What He Says About Hiring An ADHD Coach

Thanks so much for your energy and support. It is a fast paced world out there with more distractions then one can ‘shake a stick’ at. Add some ADHD to the mix and we have a recipe for total confusion and ultimate failure.

You have taught me not only to keep my eye on the ball but which ball to keep my eye on! My struggle was not knowing what to do next, not knowing what is important, what is not, or, did I do enough today?

I found your concept of having just three repeatable things that I do to market my business each week especially helpful. I now do one of those things per day and there is a sense of accomplishment in that, it does not overwhelm me.

You also helped me take ownership and pride in my business. I used to believe that I wasn’t smart enough to do a lot of this ‘WEB’ related ‘mumbo-jumbo’ myself and that I needed others to help me with it. You have taught me otherwise and I am grateful.

Your non-judgmental and kind energy was a safe place for me to explore my short-comings and I looked forward to our weekly ADHD coaching session on the phone. I will miss those talks but I know you are only a phone call away if I need and that gives me peace.

Thanks again for all your gifts and especially thanks for who you are, the world is a better place with in it.



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