Holiday Stress and the Gift of Time

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holiday stress

The last few weeks, we’ve been talking about holiday stress. How all the shopping, decorating, cooking, socializing, and nonstop stuff-we-have-to-do can wreak havoc on our ADHD. 

It’s a crazy cycle, am I right? We have ADHD which means we struggle with focus and being organized and getting things done. We procrastinate, forget, act impulsively. And this is all on a regular day or time of the year.

Then 💥 BAM 💥 the holidays hit and we are expected to do our normal responsibilities AND add in everything else. It’s truly crazy making. Which is why EVERYONE – even people without ADHD – can get overwhelmed, depressed, stressed out, and exhausted this time of the year. 

But I have to tell you…the holidays are going to end and those of us with ADHD are still going to struggle with being overwhelmed, unfocused, stressed, and exhausted. More so even after we had to tap deep into our skillset to get through this season.

So I wanted to tell you about the ADHD Success Club

I know I mention it quite often. I’m proud of the community that has been built every year, and this one especially. The accountability partners who are helping each other out. The skill sets that are being developed. The breakthroughs in setting up systems to reach goals and the amazing life changes and celebrations occurring each day.

I’m sharing this again today to let you know that you can join us anytime. And right now, it’s an especially wonderful time  to join. Why? Because you will get TIME when you join. 

Huh? No, I won’t be stopping the clocks. That would be pretty cool, though.

What I mean is that we will be taking a break for the holidays. So while there are no LIVE calls happening during the next two weeks, you can use that time to catch up. Because all of the recordings of the calls that have already happened are available when you sign up. 

That’s right – you can still tune in and learn:

🧠 Why your brain is the way it is and how ADHD impacts every aspect of it 

🤔 Ways you can end procrastination and remember stuff so things get done

😴 Tips to improve your sleep

🗓 How to be ready for 2022 by setting up your calendar, taming your tasks and planning for the next adventure…

And so much more.

The ADHD Success Club is available to join at any time during the year, but doing so right now will give you the chance to catch up and be ready to jump right into the New Year when you can learn how to master your day with a plan for productivity, morning and evening routines!

So give yourself (or someone you love with ADHD) the gift of time, focus, productivity…ADHD success this year! 

Click here to sign up! Can’t wait to welcome you to the community!


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