How Procrastination Hurts

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cost of procrastination

Procrastination has been a hot topic here lately at ADHD Success World Headquarters these days. In fact, David Johnson and I dedicated the last two episodes of our Kick Some ADHD podcast to this very topic (links are below).

Why? Because if you have ADHD, you put things off. You wait. Telling yourself that you’ll get started on it later. Or finish that tomorrow. 

You think you have time. Underestimate how long it will take you. Get distracted by something else that’s more exciting. 

With ADHD in the picture, you know procrastination is an evil demon. An inevitable demon. But, have you considered what procrastinating costs you?

I mean more than the many financial costs of ADHD procrastination. I’m talking about the organizational, emotional and time costs as well.

Take a look at many of your ADHD challenges, and you’ll find procrastination buried near the root.

  • That pile of clothes tossed in the laundry basket that you now have to iron or rewash? Procrastination plays a part. Would your clothes be in a wrinkled mess if you folded or hung them up after you took them out of the dryer?
  • Lost out on that great vacation spot? If you had researched and found the rental on time, you could’ve spent a fantastic vacation away with your family. 
  • Late for a meeting frantically searching for your car keys? Procrastination again. Imagine if you hadn’t told yourself “I’ll do that later” and actually hung up the hook by the back door so your keys had a home. 

As you see from these examples, ADHD’s procrastination costs you time, money, and stress. 

How to Reduce the Cost of Procrastination

Start cutting your ADHD procrastination costs by noticing your habits and thoughts. You can’t fix it until you notice it.

  • Notice when you delay taking an action and the problems it causes.
  • Notice your self-talk or thoughts when you procrastinate.

Focus on doing tiny tasks immediately when it makes sense. Put your clothes on hangers when you take them out of the dryer (yup, save time by skipping the folding!). Hang your keys on the hook. Check your kid’s backpack as soon as you get home. Open mail as soon as you take it out of the mailbox. Get the idea?

With ADHD, the cost of procrastination is high. I urge you to notice it and its impact on your life and business. Outsmarting procrastination is key to living successfully with Adult Attention Hyperactivity Deficit.

Want the training and coaching and accountability to tackle procrastination? Join the ADHD Success Club. We focus on tools and tricks so you stop procrastinating and start getting stuff done. And you can save $10/month if you don’t procrastinate and use the code SUCCESS at checkout.

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