How to Build ADHD Awareness

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ADHD awareness

Happy ADHD Awareness Month! As always, I’m amused that there’s a whole month dedicated to awareness for a posse of people who are blatantly unaware.

That aside, we do need to take awareness and ADHD seriously. Why? Because it’s hard to change something that you don’t notice. Our tendency to be unaware of what we’re doing, thinking, and feeling makes ADHD harder to deal with.  

I’ve learned over the past twenty-some years of helping ADHD adults make life easier, that building mindfulness is essential. That’s why the second module in my ADHD Success Club group program is on awareness. And why a section in my Foundations of ADHD Success online program is on…you guessed it…awareness. 

I’ve noticed in my own life that as I became more aware my ADHD softened. I was able to become the person I’d always wanted to be. Getting things done. Keeping my commitments to myself and others. Isn’t that what we want? Having ourselves be in the driver’s seat instead of our ADHD.

This is what I want for you, too. So let’s become aware!

What Do We Mean by ADHD Awareness

When you’re aware of your ADHD tendencies, you’re more mindful. You notice more quickly when you’re veering off track so you can have a better chance of course correcting. 

Will you be able to notice and course correct every time you wander? No, of course not. We’re not looking for perfection. We’re after increased consistency.

Being mindful helps ADHD adults:

decrease clutter, 

control impulses,

prioritize time, 

control ADHD symptoms, 

filter communication (length of emails, blurting, etc.), 

steer thoughts to positivity, 

notice how actions impact others, and 

build better habits.

How To Become More Aware with ADHD

How do you build awareness? There are a bunch of techniques and tricks for strengthening your awareness and course correction muscles. Skills you can learn from an ADHD coach.

A good place to start is using timers and alarms. 

Also, meditation is an excellent practice to help people with ADHD build mindfulness. Did you know that meditation actually strengthens how your brain works?

However, ADHD mindfulness on its own isn’t enough, is it? The gold comes when you build on your awareness by acting on what you’ve become aware of.

So instead of merely noticing that you’re stepping over a pile of dirty clothes on the floor you become aware you’re stepping over the pile of dirty clothes AND can take action to clear that pile. Easy to say; harder to do.

You also need to learn things like how to outsmart procrastination. How to break out of hyperfocus. How to identify your priorities and reduce time blindness.

If it sounds like a lot that’s because it is. There are no magic wands for making ADHD easier to live with. 

But you’ve taken the first step – you’re now aware that you have to be aware of your ADHD. 

So let’s start building on that awareness because, if you haven’t already started, the best time to begin softening your ADHD is NOW!  

Build on your awareness with additional learning:


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