How to Clear Clutter the ADHD Success Way

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If you don’t know how to clear clutter, don’t worry. You’re still a good person. Many people, especially adults with ADD / ADHD find clutter clearing and getting organized challenging and mysterious.

Perhaps you don’t know how to clear clutter because you get stuck in the, “I’ve gotta keep it; I might need it someday” dilemma.

Perhaps you get overwhelmed when you look at everything you need to sort. After all, the more stuff you have the harder it is to wade through it.

Yet if you own something but can’t find it, use it or even remember why you bought it, why have it at all?

If you want to live more successfully with Adult ADHD; your life to be less stressful and your home or office more serene, you simply must learn how to clear clutter.

Though ridding your life of excess stuff can be difficult at first, with some practice you’ll find it becomes easier and very rewarding!

How To Clear Clutter – The Basics

The first thing to do is pick a place to start. Many people don’t tackle the piles and disorganization because they aren’t clear on where to begin.

Don’t stress. You’ll find a complete systematic approach for how to clear clutter in my Organized for Life program, but you can also just pick one small place to start such as a kitchen counter or a night stand. Start at one corner and work through the area.

You’ll find it helpful to ask yourself these questions when deciding if you need to keep something or not.

  • How will I use this?
  • How long has it been since I used it?
  • What is the worst possible thing that would happen to me if I needed it and didn’t have it?
  • Is it out of date or broken?
  • Do I need to keep the whole thing? (Can I tear out the article and toss the magazine?)
  • Can I get the information somewhere else?
  • Do I need it for tax of legal reasons?

Remember, when in doubt throw it out!

Getting rid of the extra stuff in your life is an important early step in getting organized. After all, you can’t organized clutter. Having too much stuff is one of the biggest challenges I see as an ADD / ADHD coach and former professional organizer.

I hope this has been helpful. Knowing how to clear clutter isn’t rocket science. It’s a skill you can learn with practice.



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