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how to cure adhd“Can you help me?,” Andy pleaded in his email. “I want to know how to cure ADHD?”

Getting emails like this makes me very sad. Because, if your goal is to cure your ADHD, you’re destined to fail.

ADHD can’t be cured. It’s part of your DNA. Fair or not, it’s the way your brain is wired.

Your ADHD will ride along with you for the rest of your life.

Before you letting that idea upset you, may I make a suggestion?

How about changing your goal?

Instead of wondering how to cure your ADHD, what if you aimed to turn ADHD into your superpower instead?

Sure a complete cure might be easier. But, do you really want to lose the creativity and spontaneity your ADHD adds to your picture?

How about the intuition and empathy? Or all those unique ideas?

I get it. I’ve got ADHD, too. I understand the frustrations and struggles.

And, even though some days I’d give anything to be able to focus like my hair was on fire, if curing my ADHD meant I had to give up the good parts, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Every struggle has taught me a lesson.

Overcoming my ADHD struggles has made me into a strong, determined person. Proud, too, when I look back over the years at what I’ve accomplished despite being overwhelmed, scattered, and forgetful.

My spontaneity has made life much more interesting. Travel, career changes, interesting businesses, moves.

Though my impulsiveness sometimes is crazy-making, would my darling husband have wanted to marry me if I was predictable and calculating like the rest of the girls?

What adventures would we have missed? Laughter and fun?

If my ADHD were cured would I have been the parent out playing with the kids instead of watching from the sidelines?

What would be my life’s work? Would I be excited to go to work every day creating new businesses and opportunities or settling for a corporate job because I could force myself to fit in?

So, I challenge you, all the Andys of the world who want to know how to cure your ADHD, I challenge you to look deeper.

Look at the gifts your ADHD brings. Those parts that make you uniquely who you are.

Who would you be without them? Do you really want to be that person?

If you looked at your ADHD differently, how would that change your question?

Instead of asking, “How to cure ADHD?,” try asking, “What do I need to know to make life easier with ADHD?” Because, living more easily is a goal you can reach.



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