How To Find an ADHD Coach

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woman and man in business clothes chattingPerhaps you’re tired of struggling to accomplish your essential priorities. Maybe you’re exhausted from working all night to meet deadlines. Whatever your reason, you’ve decided you want to find an ADHD coach.

Someone to hold you accountable and guide you to be more productive and organized. To help you live calmer and more intentionally yet still use your creativity and energy to accomplish your goals.

Finding an ADHD coach can be tricky. Most of us work by phone or Skype from our home offices so we’re hidden away. You probably won’t see a sign announcing ADHD Coaching Here while you’re driving down the street.

How do you find the right ADHD coach? A trained professional to help you learn the exact ADHD management skills you need?

How to Find an ADHD Coach

Professional Organizations. You’ll find a complete listing of ADHD coaches on the ADHD Coaches Association (ACO) website. Look under the ‘Find A Coach’ section. Remember, most coaches work virtually so location doesn’t matter. I have clients all across the USA and Canada and even overseas.

CHADD. The organization for Children and Adults with ADHD has a professional listing, too.

Since most coaches have websites the Internet is a great place to find an ADHD coach. Simply searching for ADHD coaches won’t get you the best results though. Instead Google a symptom you have trouble with, such as getting organized with ADHD.

Dig around to find blogs posted on the subject by different ADHD coaches. Look at the web sites. Read each coach’s posts. Subscribe to their newsletter. Look for someone you resonate with. Someone who has a creative, useful approach to living with ADHD who works with clients like you.

Since many ADHD coaches have ADHD themselves you want someone who can manage their own ADHD to help you learn to manage theirs. One sign that a person can follow-through and focus is how consistently they blog.

You may have to do some digging when you decide it’s time to find an ADHD coach, but don’t give up. Finding the right coach to guide you to create a more successful and effortless ADHD life is worth the effort.


  1. Liam


    I am just inquiring about an ADHD coach. Really struggling with everything, especially at present due to Covid-19. I really need guidance with how to deal with things, this chaotic mind of mine is becoming quite the hindrance, from relationships through to employment.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kindest regards,


    • Dana Rayburn

      Hi Liam, Yes, COVID Times are making everything harder for many people. Please check out my ADHD Sucess Club on my web site. You may join the waiting list to get early notice when the program begins again in september. I now work only with private clients who are in the Success Club. All Best, Dana

  2. Karen Litavish

    Hi Dana,
    I am a single mom and notice my ADD worsening as I just turned 50 with a tween and always overwhelmed with all I have to do .
    I am looking for an experienced affordable ADD coach near Erie Co of possible. Thanks, Blessings Karen

    • Dana Rayburn

      Hi Karen, Please reach out to the iACTcenter where there are many amazing coaches who can help answer your questions. Here is the link: Perhaps there is one in Colorado. Good luck, Dana


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