How to Turbocharge Your Gratitude

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Happy Thanksgiving; my favorite holiday. What’s better than a day dedicated to food, family, and friends. I wish those of you outside the USA a gratitude-filled day, as well.  

A couple of weeks ago we talked about easier ways for ADHD adults to approach gratitude.

Let’s build on that today with a trick to help you turbocharge your gratitude.

Why is a powerful gratitude practice important for living easier with ADHD? Because it’s energizing and exciting. It can erase the ‘have to’s or shoulds’ from tasks. Secrets to being happier and getting more done with less friction. (Something to definitely be grateful for.)

How to Turbocharge Gratitude

When you’re thinking about the things you’re grateful for, don’t just list out the WHAT. Instead take an additional step and dive into the WHY you’re grateful. This is a sure recipe for making your heart expand with love and joy.

Here’s a story to show what I mean:

Favorite Husband and I will be joining two old friends tonight for Thanksgiving dinner. One of the women is moving to Seattle soon to be nearer to her son.

I am grateful for one last visit with her. Why? Because we’ll have one more chance to tell her how much her friendship and support has meant to us over the years. And to find out her exciting plans for the future.  

Now for this dinner tonight, I’m making the cranberry sauce and the pumpkin pie. Instead of falling into a grumble and resenting the tasks because I’d rather be relaxing and lounging all day, I’m going to turbocharge my gratitude. Ready? Let’s do this…

Why am I grateful I’m making cranberry sauce? Because cooking cranberry sauce reminds me of my grandma. Grandma was my biggest fan. Each year, we would make the cranberry sauce together. Everyone else thought it was a difficult chore. Only we knew how easy it was to make cranberry sauce. Of course, we’d play it up like we’d toiled in the kitchen for hours. Again, heart-expanding memories of my beloved grandma.

Why am I grateful for making pumpkin pie? Because making it is one of my favorite Thanksgiving rituals. It makes me happy to watch those I love devour their pieces and ask for more. And, to me, there’s something magical about making a good pie crust. Even thinking about it gets me excited and energized.

This simple step of exploring why I am grateful fills my heart with love and joy. Feeling those yummy emotions is amazing and I feel more connected to these people, actions and items that I’m so happy to have in my life and be able to do.

So this holiday season, as you look around at what you’re grateful for, take the additional step to understand why those things or people make your list. Open your heart and feel the feelings. Let the gratitude in and shine out.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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