Why Controlling ADHD Symptoms Matters

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controlling ADHD symptomsControlling ADHD symptoms matters. At least if you want to live easier with ADHD. Yet, I find lots of people don’t know how to manage their symptoms. Let’s remove some of the confusion, shall we?

What’s the first thing I want you to remember? ADHD is NOT a failure of will. It’s a brain-based condition. Here’s the catch.

When you don’t give your brain the care it needs, your ADHD symptoms will be worse. Even out of control.

That’s why keying in to your ADHD symptoms is essential if you want an easier ADHD life.

Here’s the cool part. When you get this down to a system your symptoms become a handy road map guiding you on how to take care of your brain.

The other cool thing? Controlling ADHD symptoms makes it easier to learn the other ADHD life skills.

This is why one of the first things I focus on with my clients is ADHD symptom control. If your brain isn’t working you’re not working!

Controlling ADHD Symptoms in My Life

Let’s use me as an example…

Brain fog is one of the symptoms that sinks my boat the most.

This morning I woke up bursting with ideas and energy. The problem was that by the time I got to my desk my brain was foggy. Writing this article, as I’d planned, felt impossible.

Instead of getting upset, I got curious.

You see, I know the top three things that flare my brain fog. Not enough sleep, not eating enough protein, and not drinking enough water.

With that awareness it was easy to figure out what was causing the fog.

I got plenty of sleep and ate a protein rich breakfast so those were off the list.

But I did notice that my mouth was dry. That’s when it hit me. Favorite Husband grilled teriyaki chicken last night. I was probably dehydrated from the extra sodium.

Sure enough, a couple more glasses of water did the trick. (As you can see since you’re reading what I was struggling to write.)

Knowing your major ADHD symptoms and how to manage them gives you control over how your brain works.

Members of the ADHD Success Club will build an ADHD Symptoms Map. Which symptoms cause the most grief and how to avoid it. Then it will be easier to learn the other prime pieces of living easier with ADHD. How to get organized and manage time.




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