How to Live Successfully with ADHD

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live successfully with ADHDToday I want to tell you my top secret for how to live successfully with ADHD. Something that’s worked miracles in my life and in the lives of my ADHD coaching clients, too.

You see, ADHD adults have a major flaw that stands out above the rest. A flaw that snowballs; making everything about living with ADHD harder.

What’s this flaw? We focus on our weaknesses. Pushing and struggling to get better doing things we don’t do well.

Living successfully with ADHD requires a different approach.

Accept your weaknesses and do whatever you can to avoid them!

Build your life around your strengths. Focus on improving your ability to do the things you naturally do well.


If something is hard for you to do, you will avoid it. That means you’ll procrastinate. No matter how noble your intentions, it’s hard to force an ADHD brain to do what it doesn’t feel like doing.

If something is hard for you to do you’ll struggle doing it. You’ll forget; get flustered.

Building your life around your strengths makes you more reliable; more consistent. You’ll find life easier and more joyful, too. Basic ingredients to a successful life.

Wondering How to Live Successfully with ADHD?

Here are some ideas to make this magic ADHD success secret work for you:

  • Look at your strengths and weaknesses at the task level as well as the bigger picture. It’s as simple as figuring out what you’re good at and what you’re not good at.  I’m horrid at math, details, and writing long reports. I’m good at listening, ideas, and helping others solve problems. That’s why I was an awful and miserable systems analyst but I’m a great and happy ADHD coach
  • Delegate as many of the tasks on your weakness list as you can. Tami, a client with four kids in school gets overwhelmed keeping track of their homework. She finds delegating homework details to a tutor well worth the cost.
  • Find creative ways to make challenging tasks easier to do. Ed, a client who bogs down paying his bills finds on-line banking so quick and easy, he enjoys doing it. Downloading his bank transactions into Quicken helps keep his check register in order, too.
  • Don’t volunteer or work in areas focused around your weaknesses. I used to belong to an international service club with lengthy weekly meetings. My ADHD made sitting through those meetings almost painful. I resigned from the club and now volunteer in more active community projects.

This is important. Pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses. Especially if you want to know how to live successfully with ADHD.


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