Make Peace with ADHD Sleep Challenges

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ADHD sleep challengesIn the ADHD Success Club we spend lots of time focused on ADHD sleep challenges. I often work with my private clients on sleep, too.

We dig into the five parts of sleep that make ADHD adults struggle. And, of course, what to do about them.

I encourage you to take getting enough sleep seriously. Living with ADHD is all around easier if you get enough sleep.

Untangling ADHD sleep challenges isn’t easy!

Perhaps you stay up too late or can’t fall asleep. Maybe you can’t wake up or get out of bed on time. Some clients even struggle with getting too much sleep.  

You can’t ignore sleep though. At least if you want to stop struggling with ADHD.

How I’ve Made Peace with My ADHD Sleep Challenges

Like most other people with ADHD, I have problems with sleep, too.

I’m a light sleeper. Uber sensitive to light, sound, and temperature. Grabbing a good night’s sleep has never come easily. I have childhood memories of lying awake in the wee hours of the night.

The more I worked with ADHD the more I realized I had to do something about my sleep. My connection between being exhausted and out of control ADHD symptoms was too strong.

I decided to make peace with my ADHD sleep challenges.

Was it easy? No. Of course not. Well worth it though. I’m more focused and plow through my priorities.

  • I had to reboot my habits. No more staying up to watch the late night comedy shows. No more playing on my iPhone til late at night.

  • I now avoid things that make me wake up in the middle of the night. Drinking that extra glass of wine. Indulging in dark chocolate after dinner or an afternoon cup of coffee.

  • I’ve adjusted my mindset. Instead of getting frustrated on nights I lay awake I’ve learned to embrace the quiet time. I now realize it’s my prime thinking time. When some of my best ideas and clarity surface.

  • I’ve found tricks that help me stay asleep. Listening to soothing audios as I’m drifting off makes a huge difference. My Favorite Husband gave me these SleepPhones.  A soft headband that works as headphones and sleep shades. I really love those!

Enough about me. What about you? Do you struggle to get enough sleep? What’s it costing you to put up with it.

Figure out a plan. Make peace with your ADHD sleep challenges. Let me know how it helps you soften your ADHD symptoms.



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