Managing ADHD: How My Ideas Are Born

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what is adhd coaching, dana rayburn, adult addADD Success readers occasionally ask where I get the ideas for managing ADHD that I write about in the blog. Not surprisingly they come from my experiences of living with adult ADHD or things I’ve talked about with my ADHD coaching clients.

For me managing ADHD doesn’t take a holiday. It’s my nature to always look for simpler ways to do things.

For example, The last post, Stop Losing Stuff – Getting Organized with ADHD, came directly from a recent frustrating experience.

We’ve been tackling numerous yard projects in my little acre of the world this month. Over the weekend we tore out a very tired deck, hauled away the old lumber and replaced it with landscaping.

Splinters, nails, spiders (yuck) – with such a dirty, hard project, I depended heavily on my work gloves.

We live on a hillside. The deck was in the backyard and we had to haul the old wood around the house and up a hill to the driveway. I moved constantly from the backyard to the front yard and occasionally into the house.

During the course of the project, I kept taking off my work gloves and setting them down in random places. I’m sure our neighbors got tired of hearing me yell, “Has anyone seen my work gloves?” (Interesting how Handsome Husband and Favorite Daughter, neither of whom have a speck of ADHD, not once had to call a search party to find their gloves.)

Besides being annoying, losing my gloves wasted everybody’s time and was very distracting. In my ADHD way, every time I had to stop and look for the gloves it took me a while to get back on task and ramp up to productivity.

Finally, when it dawned on me what was going on I called on my ADHD management skills. I realized I kept losing my gloves because they didn’t have a permanent home, picked four possible vacation homes around the yard and house and vowed those would be the only place I’d put my gloves.

It worked. Once I stopped losing my work gloves, my distractions decreased, and I became much more focused. Another challenge of managing ADHD was cut off at the pass.

Not until a few days later when I was struggling to write a different ADD Success article did I realize the permanent home and vacation home was a dynamite idea for managing ADHD and the blog essentially wrote itself.


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