My ADHD Time Management Struggle

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I have struggled with ADHD. Time management seemed out of my reach.

For years I felt like a failure. I couldn’t get stuff done. I procrastinated. I couldn’t get started on tasks. I could only focus when I had a looming deadline. My goals seemed far out of reach.

You probably understand how stressful and hopeless I felt. How stuck. At least if you have ADHD or ADD. Time management can be so depressingly hard!

Then one day something happened. By chance, I discovered a new way to use my calendar. A way that was easier and actually made sense to me, too.

That one shift got me looking more closely at time management. What I realized was that managing time with ADHD takes a whole lot more than a calendar and a mess of to do lists.

You see managing time is made up of lots of pieces. Of course, you need your calendar and to do list. But you also need priorities, reminders, planning, delegation skills, awareness, and a bunch of other tools and structures.

I discovered that before I could make peace with time and take control of my ADHD I had to have all these pieces in place.

I built my own ADHD time management system

It has turned my life around.

My time management system is the magic glue holding my life together.

Now I reach my goals. Now I have a reputation for following through. For finishing projects ahead of deadlines. Now my days are much calmer and peaceful.

Is it always easy? Of course not. Remember, I have ADHD, too. But, I’m 85% better than I used to be. I’m more consistently consistent.

Best of all, I don’t feel like a failure. I’ve rewritten my opinion of who I am. That’s the most amazing thing of all. I’m confident and know I CAN get things done. I CAN do more than dream bigger…I live bigger and make things happen.

If my story resonates at all with you, than I urge you to consider joining a training I’m offering – ADHD Time Mastery at Work. It starts September 15 and runs for 6 weeks.

You see, I’m on a mission. To help ADHD adults get their challenges out of the way so they can reach their potential. I want you to learn what I’ve learn. The pieces of my ADHD-friendly time management system from the ground up.

The Time Mastery at Work Program closed. If you would like advanced early-bird discount notice of the next time it’s offered please email me using this form.
If you have any questions or trouble with the application please don’t be shy about reaching out to me.

I want you to change your relationship with ADHD time management like I have. To have more peace; more control. To learn to live more successfully with your ADHD.

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