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organizing ADHD clutterMany adults with Attention Deficit hire me to be their ADHD coach because they’ve reached a tipping point when it comes to organizing ADHD clutter. They are ready to start organizing. ADHD clutter is overrunning their homes or offices and they are tired of being belittled and ashamed. They dream of taking control of their stuff and life. They want to learn how to get organized.

Adult ADHD doesn’t mean a life sentence of clutter and chaos. Organizing ADHD clutter does mean you must be ready to change the way you do things. Specifically, you will need to start acting like an organized person.

Organizing ADHD Clutter Starts With Habits 

Organizing ADHD is actually an issue of habits.

The thought of habits, those actions you take without thinking, can be rather scary to adults with ADHD. Habits sounds structured and rigid. Too controlled.

Realistically you already have lots of habits for all kinds of everyday activities. The problem is many of your habits keep you disorganized. Habits like ignoring the mail, leaving your bed unmade, and not putting away the clean laundry.

If you want to organize your ADHD clutter, you need to develop new habits. Not just any habits will do; however. You must develop habits that will keep you organized in a way that suits your unique adult ADHD style.

Change How You Think About ADHD Clutter

That’s where thinking like an organized person comes in. All those years ago when I was first learning how to be organized, I studied why naturally organized people could stay organized when I couldn’t. What I discovered wasn’t some magic formula. I realized organized people simply had different habits than I did. And, when I adjusted those habits to suit my ADHD clutter style, I was able to stay organized.

What I discovered transformed my life and eventually led me to create what I call The Secret Habits of Organized People. When I was a hands-on Professional Organizer, that was the title of my most popular organizing workshop. The Secret Habits of Organized People are the foundation of my Organized for Life ebook.

When it comes to organizing ADHD clutter, habits matter.

Starting today, I challenge you to start noticing your habits, both good and bad. Notice the impact they have on your disorganization. Organizing ADHD is a matter of adjusting bad habits to become new, powerful organizing habits.

Habits that are practical and easy-to-maintain so you can do more than get organized, but stay Organized for Life.


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