Real Life Consequences of the ADHD Medication Shortage

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medication shortage

The ADHD medication shortage has consequences and they’re ticking me off. Not all my ADD coaching clients take meds, but those who do need them. Their medications play a key role in allowing them to live more easily with ADD.

Take Janice, for example (no, that’s not her real name). Janice is a middle school teacher who hasn’t been able to get her afternoon dose of short-acting Adderall.

That little blue pill is pretty important to Janice. Without it her afternoon devolves into a wasteland of distraction and puttering. She can’t focus on her paperwork and she gets home late from work.

Janice’s problems snowball from there. When she gets home too late, she doesn’t eat a good dinner and she doesn’t have time to exercise or follow the basic organizing routines that keep her life running stress-free.

Without that afternoon Adderall boost, we’ve been forced to switch the focus of Janice’s coaching calls from achieving her goals of playing bigger in the world to more basic ADD / ADHD management skills.

Perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.

Janice will become more adept at managing her ADD without the medication’s help.

Yet because of the ADHD medication shortage, it’s no longer Janice’s choice of how she treats her ADD. I think that’s wrong.

What do you think about the consequences of the ADHD Medication Shortage?

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