Secret to Getting Rid of Clutter for Good

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getting rid of clutterNow that we’ve talked about the reasons you may be struggling to stay organized (and if you missed it, take a look here), let’s talk about the secret to getting rid of clutter for good.

Take a moment and think about the words you use to talk about organizing.

If you’re like most disorganized people you say, “I need to get organized.”

However, simply getting organized isn’t enough. In fact, it’s only a small part of your struggle with disorganization.

The Real Challenge to Getting Rid of Clutter for Good

Unless you learn to stay organized, you’re doomed to spend the rest of your life trying to get organized over and over again.

Perhaps that’s what you do now? Clear up the clutter only to have it reappear?

Don’t feel bad. Most disorganized people do the exact same thing.

That’s why in my Organized for Life program, I stress staying organized, as well as getting organized. Because unless you know how to stay organized, you’re destined to a life of getting rid of clutter only to have it pile up again.

I think you deserve better than that, don’t you?

The Secret to Staying Organized with ADHD

You’ve got to do a little bit for a few minutes every day.

It’s as simple as that.

Take a break, and before you know it, you’re swimming in clutter again.

I know you’re busy. I am, too. After a full day of all the stuff you’ve got going on in your life, often the last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of time getting rid of clutter.

But, notice I said a few minutes. Really, that’s all it takes. A few minutes every day.

Can you honestly tell me you can’t find ten or fifteen minutes each day to dash through your house or office throwing and putting things away?

It’s a matter of priorities.

Do want to stay organized instead of getting organized over and over again? Then you’re going to have to log off Facebook, shut down Angry Birds, or whatever else you do that sucks away your time and spend fifteen minutes a day getting rid of the clutter that accumulates in your life.

That my friend is the secret to getting rid of clutter for good. A little bit every day is the ticket to living a peaceful, organized life, even if you have ADD or ADHD.



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