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simplify ADHDPretty good headline, eh? I thought about it first and then I figured I better write about ways to simplify ADHD to match.

You’ve heard the acronym: KISS, right? It stands for Keep It Simple Sweetie. (Yes, I know it’s supposed to be stupid. You’re not stupid. I’m not stupid. Why use stupid?)

It’s easy to make things complicated if you have ADHD. Simplifying life is a more successful approach. In fact, I want you to guard against making things to complicated.

Most ADHD adults love making things complicated. Complicated is more interesting. Complicated is sexy.

The Problem with Making Life Complicated

Complicated sets us up for trouble. More decisions to make. More stuff to organize. More details to forget.

There are lots of ways to simplify. Reducing your activities and your clutter are two that pop to mind. Those are good ideas but, that’s not the kind of KISSing I’m thinking about today.

Let’s toss around some ideas for simplifying your ADHD life.

Top Tips to Simplify ADHD

Today let’s focus on simplifying your life by scheming up ways for making fewer choices.

In fact, when it comes to simplifying ADHD I want you to make a habit of scheming ways to reduce your choices. Choices lead to decisions which lead to overwhelm and complication.

The biggest ways my clients have been simplifying their choices lately are around clothes and food.

Here’s how my clients and I are KISSING:

  • Lisa simplifies her mornings by picking from three pairs of earrings during the workweek. She switches the three choices on the weekend if she feels like it.
  • I choose from three necklaces. Sure I have more than that, but I only dive into the others if we’re going out.
  • Cam simplifies by choosing between three healthy breakfasts on workdays. Amazing how this simple change has helped him get to work on time.
  • Mike is dressing for work a la Steve Jobs (RIP) and Mark Zuckerberg. Black jeans and a grey shirt. BAM! He brings out colors to liven up his weekends.
  • Jenny is playing clothing Sudoku this summer. She’s reduced her summer wardrobe to just a few pieces of clothes that all mix and match. It’s creative and simple.
  • Ashley simplifies lunch by ordering from three nearby restaurants. She’s even picked out her favorite meal to order from each one. She gets variety but doesn’t waste time and energy making decisions.

Now it’s your turn to KISS. How can you simplify ADHD by reducing the choices you make every day? You’ll have less stress, more energy, and a easier time of living with ADHD.



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