How to Start Getting Organized with ADHD

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organizing with ADHDOne of the conundrums of having adult ADHD is that you need to be very organized. In fact, organization is essential for ADHD adults.

But organizing with ADHD is difficult. It’s hard to plan, hard to perform daily tasks, and hard to follow through.

The good news is that there are simple and easy ways to start getting organized with ADHD.

Start with This Simple Tip  

Here’s an essential ADHD Organizing Tip: ROW a few minutes every day.

ROW stands for Routine Organizing Work. So, when you ROW, you spend 15 minutes each and every day completing your routine organizing tasks.

I can hear you laughing now.

If you have ADHD, you know how hard it is to do something consistently. Believe me, I understand how challenging it is.

I’ve made getting organizing with ADHD easy with this simple tip, but trust me, it is vital. Otherwise, you are left with the choice of continuing to live at the disorganized, impulsive whim of your ADHD.

Ready to start ROWing? Let’s get started. Glance around and make a list of five tiny organizing tasks you can do to make your home or office look or feel more organized.

Here are a few ideas for the home:

  • make the bed
  • clear the kitchen counter
  • hang up clothes
  • put toothbrushes and toothpaste away
  • hang up bath towels
  • return shoes to bedrooms
  • straighten magazines and toss newspapers

Here are a few ideas for the office:

  • file papers from your desk
  • sort your inbox
  • straighten up the chairs
  • clear out your phone messages and sticky notes
  • toss your old periodicals, newsletter and journals

These are merely suggestions. I want you to come up with your own list of five tiny ROWing tasks.

WARNING: Your organizing tasks must be tiny! If they aren’t, it will become a huge chore and you won’t do it.

Fastest Way to a More Organized You

Some tasks will take a bit longer at first, while you deal with the organizing backlog. Take heart. By spending just a few minutes every day, you’ll soon clear the backlog and the task will truly be tiny.

When you have your list of five tiny organizing tasks, pick one to start with. You will do this one ROWing task every day. Put a reminder on your phone or write it on a note and stick it where you’ll see it. Also, decide what time each day you’ll do your one ROWing task.

Now do that one, and only that one, ROWing task for a few minutes every day. When it feels like a habit, add the next tiny task from the list of five you made.

Imagine the difference when after a few weeks you’re taking five small, meaningful steps to make your home look and feel more organized every day.

Sure there’s a lot more you’ll need to do to organize your home or office, but you have to start somewhere and this ADHD Success Step of ROWing every day is a great place to start getting organizing with ADHD.


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