Stop Procrastinating the Year Away

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stop procrastinating

I blinked and suddenly it’s October. How did that happen? I had a whole list of things I wanted to do this summer…and then it was over. And now I’m seeing holiday decorations out and pretty soon we’ll be singing Auld Lang Syne.

I’m not ready for 2024. There are too many things left I want to…have to accomplish this year. And with only a few months left, I guess it’s time to really stop procrastinating.

Really stop. But it’s sooooo hard.

Because when you have ADHD, you think you have time. You wait. You put things off. Underestimate how long it will take you. Telling yourself that you’ll get started on it later. Or finish it tomorrow. Get distracted by something else that’s more exciting. 

All things with ADHD set you up for putting off tasks and it costs you. So much. 

The Costs of Procrastination

Simple things you’ve probably never considered like: 

  • Get home and don’t hang up your keys, thinking you’ll do it after you grab something to eat. Next day, you scramble frantically all morning looking for them and are late for an important business meeting.
  • Laundry doesn’t get put away and your daughter’s shirt is wrinkled and she’s mad she can’t wear it to school today. 
  • Wait too long to book a hotel for your family event. Tomorrow you’ll leave to spend a long weekend at a bad hotel that costs more money and is far away from your destination.
  • You need to replace your leaky windows and now you’re only weeks away from the cold setting in, with contractors committed to other projects and another blustery winter on its way. 

ADHD’s procrastination costs you time, money, and stress. 

So stop and think, what is your procrastination costing you? 

Are you always late? Are people upset with you? Have you completed the tasks/projects you need to get done? 

With ADHD, the cost of procrastination is high. I urge you to notice it and its impact on your life and business. Outsmarting procrastination is key to living successfully with ADHD. 

Want the training, coaching and accountability to tackle procrastination? Join the ADHD Success Club. We focus on tools and tricks so you stop procrastinating and start getting stuff done. And you can save $10/month if you don’t procrastinate and use the code SUCCESS at checkout.


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