Your Ticket to Stopping ADHD Distractions

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Are ADHD distractions derailing your work? Are you annoyed by all those demands for your attention? I mean really, with the focus of a flea, how are you supposed to get anything done?

Even if you manage to begin working on your important priority, how long will you stay on task before


The phone rings.

An email beeps.

A text chirps.                                                                     

Someone loiters at your office door waiting for you to answer a question.

And those are just the external ADHD distractions!

What about the internal distractions – the ones you’re 100% responsible for?

Checking the latest news headlines or sports scores.

Falling down an internet rabbit hole.

Shifting into ADHD perfectionist gear so finishing that project takes three times longer than necessary.

Most people battle these distractions throughout the workday.

For you, staying on task is even worse. ADHD distractions can derail your productivity. They keep you from achieving the success you want.

The good news is that you can learn to be in control. You can reduce, and even stop, ADHD distractions.

The Ticket to Stopping ADHD Distractions

There’s one step you must take before you’ll control your ADHD distractions. Don’t be like most people. Don’t skip this step. This is the ticket to getting things done.

What’s the step? Briefly, study what distracts you and determine what’s at the root of them.

Take a few days to notice:

  • What are the main distractions that block you from working on the important priorities? The tasks that will help you reach your goals?
  • What causes them? Someone or something else? Or, are you the source of your distractions?
  • What are three things you can do to contain your distractions?

Get a handle on the source of your distractions and you’ll be more able to tackle each problem.

Until you know the source of your distractions you won’t know what problem you actually need to resolve. Awareness is the ticket to moving those ADHD distractions off your list.


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