Do You Have a Supportive ADHD Community? – ADHD Structure #9

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Young woman and group happy people.Life with attention deficit can be a lonely place. That’s why our ADHD structure #9, build a supportive ADHD community, is so important.

(This is the last in our series on key structures for ADHD adults.)

ADHD adults think differently than most people. We certainly act differently.

If we’re not careful we can spend our lives feeling like an outsider; the square peg in a round hole.

It’s easy to blaze through life accepting that we don’t fit in.

You’ll be a whole lot happier if you stop accepting, and do something about it.

Life is easier when you have a supportive ADHD community of other people with creative, scattered brains.

I love all my friends, but my friends with ADHD (and I always include ADD when I say ADHD) are my heart.

They accept me as I am; every impulsive, scattered, irreverent inch of me.

My ADHD friends think my quirky ideas make sense.

Most of my neighbors think it’s odd when I wash my car in a rainstorm. My ADHD neighbor understands the logic in not rinsing and drying a car if you can help it. In the scheme of life, how serious are a few water spots?

My ADHD friends don’t sulk when I neglect them; forget to send a birthday card or call. They get that I think about them all the time but, sometimes, the thinking doesn’t lead to action.

My ADHD friends are comfy when conversations bounce from topic to topic at lightening speed. Their minds move as fast as mine does.

Our conversations are judgement-free zones of honesty. We can laugh and talk about the realities of our ADHD lives without one raised eyebrow or suggestion of how we should do things.

Even when the members of an ADHD community don’t know each other they still benefit.

If you didn’t know, I’ve started leading ADHD coaching groups. The magical power of building a like-minded ADHD community radiates in the groups.

Imagine that! Other successful ADHD business people struggle with focus, follow-through, and organization, too? Wow!

Wondering how to build your supportive ADHD community? No worries. We’ll dig in deeper in future ADHD Success blogs and newsletters.



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