The Harsh Truth about Clutter and Your Emotions

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Let’s talk about how emotional clutter is.

I’m not talking about those fluttery emotions from the Hallmark cards you get on your birthday. I mean the heavy, troublesome emotions:

  • The panic when you look around when someone shows up at your house
  • The racing heart when your boss yells for a specific file and there are 100s on your desk
  • The guilt when you show up late to pick up your child because you couldn’t find your keys
  • The apologies you have to share when you can’t find your child’s favorite pajama bottoms for PJ Day in the piles of laundry

Clutter causes shame, chaos, confusion, frustration, conflict, and guilt. Clutter makes you late. Hopeless. Clutter isolates you. Blocks your potential. It costs.

If clutter is a problem, if you are experiencing any of these emotions at least once a week, please keep reading.

You see, I’m no stranger to clutter. I’ve battled it myself. And, I know, as an expert ADHD coach, that clutter is one of ADHD’s most destructive symptoms.

Which is why my goal is to give you the skills and awareness to do something about the clutter so you’re not scrambling or shamed or emotionally overwhelmed.

My virtual program – Clutter-Free with ADHD – walks you through, step by step, what you need to do to clear out, clean up, and stop clutter altogether.

You’ll find all the details about Clutter-Free with ADHD here:

And you can use code CLUTTER20 to save 20%! 

Life with ADHD is hard enough and full of emotional battlefields. Clutter is one you can control. 

Please post a comment below if you have any questions about Clutter-Free with ADHD.


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