Three Reasons ADHD Coaching by Telephone Works

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dayna hickmanPlease enjoy this guest ADHD Success Blog post by Dayna Hickman about her experiences with ADHD coaching by telephone.

ADHD coaching by telephone is a scary idea. My family was skeptical when I first began working with Dana, but they soon decided that not only did they like her, they loved her! ADHD coaching changed my life. And since my tiny Texas town was over 200 miles away from any ADHD coach, chatting by telephone was not only my only option, but the most freeing.

To those of you still unsure, here are…

Three Reasons to Consider ADHD Coaching by Telephone

1. Keeping appointments is easier.

Let’s face it. Adults with ADHD don’t exactly have the best track record for keeping appointments. It’s kind of in our nature to forget things. With ADHD telephone coaching, you simply have to find a quiet spot alone. I’ve kept my appointments while in my classroom, in my car, and even in my parent’s barn! If I forget, Dana shoots me a text five minutes after the appointment time saying, “Are we still on for today?” How awesomely easy is that?

2. Telephone coaching is less distracting.

Let’s get real. When you chat on the phone, it doesn’t matter if your make-up is perfect or your shoes aren’t on your feet. You don’t even have to worry about taking a shower or getting dressed. All that matters is that you’re ready to grow. Because what you learn over that phone about coping with ADHD will last a lifetime.

3. (My favorite). It doesn’t matter how far away you live, you can hire the ADHD coach that is best for you. Even if that coach lives clear across the country.

So you live in a tiny town of less than 200 people over two hours away from the nearest ADHD coach? Me too! But this geographical “problem” actually freed me. I went from looking for a local coach, to finding the best coach for me.

In fact, my ADHD coach lives clear across the country in Oregon (Seriously! 2,250 miles, to be exact). But when interviewing coaches, Dana not only asked thought provoking questions, but she gave me the feeling that I wouldn’t be judged for any of my personal beliefs. I felt safe chatting to her, even over my iPhone.

ADHD coaching by telephone has changed my entire outlook on living with Attention Deficit. That incredible support that included unlimited emails, text messages, and even a celebratory phone call caused us to be closer than traditional doctor offices.

Dayna Hickman is a writer, pet lover, English teacher, and wife who embraces her ADHD every day. Among her favorite things are DIY projects, Pinterest, great books, and anything to do with dogs. She loves to write and is a skilled ghostwriter, guest blogger, and editor. You can contact her at  


  1. solange

    I am an ADHD adult with a son also with AdHD, I have learned alit through my son and really love at myself for my self diognosises, LOL!
    I do believe that being an ADHD coach is a HUGE HUGE need, I am located in South Africa, I a. Really really interested in learning more and to become a ADHD life coast, please help me to go to the right places

    • Dana Rayburn

      Hi Solange – Yes, the world needs more ADHD coaches. Especially internationally! JST Coach Training has experience in training international coaches. Please reach out to Jodi and her team at I wish you and your son all the best. Warmly, Dana


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