How To Unlock Your ADHD Potential

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Last week I met a woman named Kim who, when she discovered I’m an ADHD coach, shared her personal ADHD journey with me.

These days Kim is a highly successful sales representative for a major corporation. She’s organized, meets her deadlines, and reaches her goals.

Not that Kim still doesn’t occasionally struggle, but when her ADHD gets in the way, she deals with it and moves on.

Kim wasn’t always so successful. For years ADHD kept her from living to her potential

Early in her career, before her ADHD was well-managed, Kim forgot appointments and was late to work. Her customer records and office were a mess. After losing a big account Kim was at risk of getting fired from her job.

As I listened to her story I finally asked Kim my favorite question for successful ADHD adults:

How did you turn your life around? How did you go from an ADHD failure to ADHD success?

Kim thought for a moment before she replied.

She said when she almost lost her job she realized she had to get serious about ADHD management. Medication wasn’t enough. Sure, it helped her ADHD symptoms but it certainly wasn’t a cure.

Then she quickly rattled off this list of how she learned to live to her potential with ADHD:

– working hard

– being creative

– clearing blocks

– hiring a coach

– learning to make quick decisions

– getting help with tasks she wasn’t good at

– learning time management and organizing skills

– taking care of her brain

– shifting her attitude

Was it easy, I asked? Of course not she laughed. It was painful, scary, hard and it took a lot of time. But she was damned if she was going to let her ADHD get the best of her.

Kim was determined to live up to her potential, and she has.

What about you? Who do you want to be? How hard are you willing to work?

The path to ADHD success is rocky, steep, and long but well worth the journey.

Don’t wait. This isn’t just about you. ADHD or not. The world needs you to live to your potential. 


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