Using iTunes To Manage ADHD

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If you have Adult ADHD, using an iPhone to stay focused and on task makes sense. I often recommend my ADHD coaching clients keep track of their busy lives and responsibilities using their iPhone calendars, reminders, lists and note-taking apps.

But have you thought about how you can use iTunes to manage ADHD?

You might not be used to thinking of music as an ADHD management tool.

You might even be flashing back to your teenage days, when your parents told you to turn off the stereo to do your homework. Perhaps you’ve even told your own kids to take out the earbuds if they expect to get any studying done!

As with so many other tools and tricks known within the Adult ADHD community, what others may see as detriments or distractions can have just the opposite effect if you need extra help paying attention and managing time.

Using music to manage ADHD works and iTunes can make it easy to do.

For me, there is tremendous value in carrying my music with me all the time on my iPhone. Some of the most important pieces of staying focused with my Adult ADHD are on my iTunes playlists.

Using iTunes To Manage ADHD

Complete Tasks More Quickly

When you have a job to do that requires more momentum than brainpower, tap into your iTunes playlists. Filing, filling out forms, doing housework or any job you could label “administrivia,” will be completed more quickly and completely with a boost of lively music.

Focus Your ADHD

One of the most powerful ADHD management tools I’ve discovered is as close as iTunes: the Immrama Institute’s Focus mp3s.

With the help of these Focus mp3s and CDs my ADHD coaching clients are managing their time and tackling their goals more easily than ever.

The sound of a gentle rainstorm or ocean waves in the background lets them pay attention and easily get things done without distraction. Immrama Institute Focus mp3s are more than just white noise. They use a powerful brainwave technology to get your brain in gear.

Make Meditation Easier

The awareness gained from mindfulness meditation is said to be an important part of being able to manage adult ADHD. Yet, our wandering minds make it hard for people with Attention Deficit to meditate on our own.

I really like Kelly Howell’s Brainsync Deep Meditation mp3. With the help of iTunes on my iPhone, it’s always with me.

Deep Meditation allows me to quickly get into a brain restoring focused meditation session without wasting any time searching for a missing CD.

Reduce Clutter

iTunes on your iPhone also reduces physical clutter – a real benefit for ADHD-affected adults. MP3 files replace CDs, CD cases, CD players, CD player cases…the list goes on and on!

Having your sound library at your fingertips is just another way your iPhone serves as a powerful remedy to the various challenges of living with Attention Deficit. Yes, the iPhone makes using iTunes to Manage ADHD simple to do.


  1. kunal roy

    thanks a ton. seriously. I’ve been looking for ways to manage my adult adhd for yrs…i found that music helps too…BIGTIME….and along with that ive been loooking for apps on the iphone 4s to help me…found one thats brilliant…its called..”Vocal XL” voice reminders to remind me of dates, appointments etc..if you haven’t used it try it…its awesome…i’ll google to see if there are any books that are straight to the point—–>. about how to help myself. Once again thanks a ton, really appreciate you taking the time to help us. Much love, Kunal.

    • danarayburn

      Hey, Kunal. Thanks for the tip about Vocal XL. It looks like it could be a great adult ADHD management too. I just downloaded the app and will give it a test run this weekend. You are welcome! I know not everyone can afford ADHD coaching. That’s why I try to help as much as I can through the ADD Success blog and ezine.


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