Using Your Phone to Focus

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our phone can be your friend. It’s true.

It isn’t really evil. Even though it can be distracting and you do often waste time scrolling or app-jumping which can cost you, your smartphone can actually be helpful if you have ADHD.

Your phone doesn’t only have social media apps. It also has apps that can help you remember things, stay 

David G. Johnson and I have talked about this a bit on the Kick Some ADHD podcast and we invite you to tune in!

Click here for Episode 145 to learn How Your Phone Can Help You Focus. 

And then jump over to Episode 147 to start Reducing Digital Bloating. Yup, it’s time to close those tabs!

Oh and if you want to dive more into how social media is costing you and what you can do about it, we talk about Intentional Social Media in Episode 146.

Spend a bit of time with us…your phone is in your hand already! 🙂


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