Watch Out For the ADHD Time Warp!

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Calendar and clock. Time passing concept.Do you know one of the biggest ADHD time management problems? Adults with ADHD are lousy at estimating how long it takes to do things.

ADHD warps our perception of time so much we are too optimistic about how much we can get done.

I call it the ADHD Time Warp.

Underestimating how much time we need to do things sabotages our peace of mind.

The ADHD Time Warp keeps our to-do lists bursting with tasks we don’t get done. It makes us late, frantic and frustrated.

Yet, we fall into that Time Warp again and again.

You can get a shocking view of how much you underestimate time with some basic tracking.

Nothing fancy. I suggest you keep a simple ADHD time log on a piece of paper for a couple of days.

Just note how much time you think you’ll need to do something and then write how long you took to do it.

A simple time log is helpful for folks who are late getting out the door most mornings. (Which means most ADHD adults!)

If you’re always late, chances are you’ve entered the ADHD Time Warp. You need more time than you realize to get ready for your day.


Here’s Another Useful ADHD Time Tip

When it comes to tackling projects I suggest you use my Triple It rule. Take the amount of time you think you’ll need to complete something and triple it.

For example, if you think it will take you one hour to write a report allow three hours.

Think that sounds extreme? Wouldn’t you rather avoid the ADHD Time Warp? Imagine having extra time instead of panic and frustration?

Most time management experts will tell you to double the time you think you need.

But hey, this is ADHD time management we’re talking about. You aren’t imagining that you take longer to do things than most people. You might as well plan for it.

The bottom line? Watch out for that ADHD Time Warp. It isn’t your friend.


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